Do I need Planning Permission or Approval to Build a Residential Shed

When you are considering constructing a new building on your property you’re naturally going to wonder about council building regulations and approvals. When constructing residential sheds in Western Australia there are some very important things you will need to understand and consider before building.

We aim to break down some of the critical areas to send you on your way to enjoying your new shed, without the hassle.

Planning Approvals vs Building Approvals for Sheds

Are they the same? What the hell is the difference? Actually Planning Approval and Building Approval are two completely separate things that assess different criteria and you may need one or both of them. 

Planning Approval for a shed basically gives you approval to develop the land for a particular purpose. This is managed by your local government and their specific regulations to ensure that you are adhering to the Local Planning Scheme, Residential Design Codes and other relevant legislation and policies. 

Not every shed requires Planning Approval but unless you are already familiar with the local requirements for your shed, we recommend double-checking with your Local Council to make sure, as a mistake can be costly.

A Building Approval/Permit for a Shed ensures that the building has been assessed to be structurally safe and complies with relevant building safety codes to protect the people using the shed.

Typically, a shed less than 10m² and less than 2.4 metres high does not require a building permit.

So, Do I Actually Need Planning Permission for my Shed?

For the majority of small residential sheds in Perth, you may not need planning permission or approvals before construction. In most cases, if your shed meets certain requirements and is only going to be used for domestic purposes, then it’s likely that you will not need permission to construct it. However, you should always check with your local council as some areas have their own regulations. 

In Western Australia you may not need planning permission to construct a residential shed if it complies with the following:

  • Your shed will be structurally sound
  • It will be located behind the front setback line of your property
  • it is setback as specified from the boundary
  • Your shed will not interfere with traffic site lines
  • It will be no more than 2.4 metres in height
  • The floor area will not exceed 60 metres squared
  • The floor will be constructed no more than 500mm above ground level

These are general guidelines, and most local governments will also have their own set of regulations that may allow you to build larger than the above, or closer to the boundary. Zonings will also determine whether planning approval is required.

How Big Can My Shed Be Without Planning Permission?

In general, if your shed meets the size requirements above you will not need planning permission to construct it. All residential sheds that have a floor area larger than 10 metres squared are required to apply for a building license before construction can commence. However, even if your shed meets the size limits to be exempt from planning permission, you may need other permissions from your local council and should check if there are any local regulations before commencing construction.

Do I Need Council Approval to Build a Shed?

Besides the general approvals mentioned above which apply across Western Australia, each shire and council may have their own set of rules and regulations in regards to constructing residential sheds. If your shed meets the size requirements making it exempt from building approval, you should also check with your local council or shire about any further approvals that may be needed.

How Do I Apply for Planning & Building Permits for a Shed?

The process of getting approval for your new residential shed will vary slightly between councils. The general process is fairly standardised in Western Australia however. You will need to fill out paperwork which may include some information such as: what the shed is going to be used for to determine the class, the size of your shed and its location. You may also need to provide building plans.

The process of building permissions may seem overwhelming; however, at Spinifex Sheds we understand these processes and specialise in guiding you through. For more information about building permissions in your area, contact your local council, or speak to our friendly staff and we would be happy to eliminate the hassle on your next project.