Do I Need Planning Permission for an Agricultural Shed?

Agricultural sheds serve an all-important role in rural Australia.

And it’s tempting to think that building a shed out on a rural slice of land or farm is as simple as laying the slab and getting on with it.

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple.

Many local government areas have their own regulations. Some have their own surprising rules that can really catch you off-guard. This makes getting your hands on a building permit and planning approval from your local council a (potential) nightmare. 

Ok, so do I need a permit for a farm shed? What about planning approval?

Here we answer your questions on permits, agricultural shed planning permission, when you need them, and what to consider.

Do I Need a Permit for a Farm Shed?

Generally, yes, a building permit is required for any shed larger than 10m². However, Building Regulations do allow for some exemptions for building works without the requirement for a Building Permit to be obtained prior to construction.

Because each council has its own set of rules, you should do some research before beginning construction on your new shed. A good way to start is by contacting them directly.

If you’re not prepared to wait on hold with your local council, why not speak to your local Shed Supplier. Here at Spinifex Sheds, we can help you wade through the bureaucracy and get your agricultural shed approved and built without a hassle.

When Don’t I Need a Building Permit for a Farm Shed?

In WA, some general rules and size regulations determine whether or not you need the approval to construct a rural shed. You should be aware that these may not be the only rules that you may need to follow. 

In general, you will not need a permit if your shed complies with the following: 

  • Floor area is 10m² or less 
  • Roof height is no more than 2.4m
  • Shed is located behind the property’s front setback line 
  • Shed floor is no more than 500mm above ground level 
  • Shed is structurally sound and able to withstand windy conditions
  • Shed does not interfere with traffic sightlines 
  • Shed will have appropriate drainage systems

Ok, I Need a Building Permit. But What About Agricultural Shed Planning Permission?

Planning permission is different from your building approval, and chances are you’ll need both. Planning permission for shed builds is required whenever your shed does not comply with your local residential codes. Due to their size, and use, a majority of rural sheds will require planning approval. It’s important to look into what local rules apply in your area and have a chat with your local council to make sure you’re following the right procedures.

Agricultural Sheds Vs Residential Sheds

Residential and rural zones have different regulations. Therefore it’s important to know exactly where your shed will be located. This will also affect the kind of approvals you need. Contact your local council in order to attain the relevant information or reach out to our team here at Spinifex Sheds. 

Are you planning on building a shed in a residential zone and want to know more about planning approvals? Go check out our article on residential shed planning approvals for more details.

Planning Permit for a Farm Shed – What Should I Consider?

Building a farm shed on rural land is obviously going to be very different from your typical backyard setup. Some of the things you may need to consider when applying for a planning permit for your farm shed are: 

  • Whether your shed being built in a bushfire prone area
  • Weather patterns (such as wind direction) and local geography 
  • Required minimum distance from a local council road 
  • Required distance from the main road (Highway) 
  • Required distance from your property boundary 
  • Required distance from a dwelling under different ownership 
  • Required distance from a waterway

How Do I Apply for a Building Permit for Agricultural Sheds?

If you do need a building permit for your farm shed, this process may vary between councils; but generally, you will need to start by submitting an application. Applications can be submitted electronically, or alternatively, a hard copy submitted directly to your local council. You will probably need the following supporting documentation:

  • A floor plan of the shed 
  • A site plan 
  • Construction details with materials to be used 
  • Connection details to existing structures 
  • The method of anchorage (floor details) 
  • A copy of a Certificate of Design Compliance from your building surveying contractor

How Long Does a Permit for an Agricultural Shed Take?

This will depend on how overloaded your local council is with similar applications. Ultimately, this could mean that your shed might have to wait a bit before you can get boots on the ground. But as a rough guide, planning permits can typically take up to 3 months to be processed.

Get Your Agricultural Shed Planning Permission Sorted Today

Getting agricultural shed planning permission can be a tricky business. Believe us, we know! We know how valuable it is to have someone experienced who can help you avoid the headache and any delays once you decide to move forward with your shed.

At Spinifex Sheds, we don’t just give you the materials and send you on your way, we believe in delivering a quality end product to you, which means helping you through the whole process, including design, approvals, construction, project management, and even the cleanup.

No matter whether you are just confused on where to start or if you just don’t have the time to deal with getting the correct approval for your farm shed, we can help. In fact, it’s where we excel.

Give us a call to speak directly with our friendly team today and get started on your next project.



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