Why is it Important to Insulate a Shed?

In Australia, sheds serve a long list of purposes. From games rooms, storage spaces, workshops to farm sheds. Aussies love their sheds. However, sheds can become like an oven in summer and freezing cold during the winter months. Extreme temperatures in your shed can cause damage to items that are kept inside, such as tools, electronics and vehicles. To keep your valuable safe and maintain a comfortable environment, considering insulation can make a big difference.

You want to enjoy your shed all year round regardless of the weather outside. Shed insulation is the perfect solution to allow year-round comfort and enjoyment of your shed. There are a few insulation options, and even budget options for insulating your shed, including:

Fibreglass wool – Although this is an excellent option for insulation, it isn’t an easy DIY job and may be best left to professional shed builders. You need to ensure that you have protective covers for your mouth, eyes and nose, as well as heavy duty gloves to protect your hands. Fibreglass wool has the added benefit of noise-reduction.

Sisalation paper – This is an energy efficient, high quality reflective foil paper. It protects your shed from extreme cold, heat, dust, moisture and wind. It is very easy to install and is suitable for most buildings.

Bubble wrap – This is an easy, budget friendly solution for insulating your shed. Be sure to overlap sheets and seal gaps, and then place MDF boarding over the top.

Don’t Forget About the Windows and Doors

When insulating your shed, it’s important to pay attention to the windows and doors. Windows and doors are often the main areas where drafts and moisture enter, so it’s vital to ensure they are also insulated to properly complete the job. A foam filler around windows and doors is all you need to do this, be sure to pay extra attention to gaps in the frames.

shed insulation

Insulating the Floor

Shed floors are often forgotten when insulating. However, floor insulation can reduce heat loss by up to 40% during the colder months. This is a fairly simple job. Line the floor with a breathable material first and then lay a rug or carpet over the top. The breathable material prevents dampness.

insulating the shed floor

Is It Worth Insulating a Shed?

Even if you only use your shed for storage, insulating provides a number of benefits including:

  • Protection of stored valuables
  • Providing comfort throughout the year
  • Maximises usage
  • Reduces moisture damage
  • Reduces noise in some cases
  • Prevents pests from getting inside
  • Prevents damage to expensive items

These days a backyard shed is much more than just a place to store garden tools. The Aussie she has become an extension of our living and recreation areas. Whether it’s a workshop, man cave, games room or home office, sheds often hold valuable and expensive equipment. Sheds are prone to becoming extremely hot or cold depending on the weather, and insulation provides not only comfort for its occupants, but also protection for the things that are stored inside. Insulating your shed is the perfect way to maximise comfort and usage, and to protect your valuable items in all weather conditions.

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