Everything You Need to Know to Build the Best Shed for Your Caravan

Your caravan is not only a big investment, but it also acts as your home away from home – so you need to make sure you take care of it. There are so many caravan shelter ideas out there, all designed to keep your caravan safe, secure and out of the elements. But which will be the perfect solution for storing your caravan?

There are a few things you should consider when building a shelter for your caravan. Here’s a quick breakdown of some of the things to keep in mind when designing your caravan shed:


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Caravan Height

How tall are caravans and caravan sheds? Well – how long is a piece of string? All caravans are created differently and will require sheds of different sizes, so it’s important you know the height of your caravan. You want to ensure it will comfortably fit in your new shed.

The measurement of your caravan height for shed designing purposes should take into consideration all the extra components you might have, such as roof aerials or air conditioner units. You’ll also need to allow extra height for the roller door clearance.

We generally recommend you err on the side of caution and build your shed taller than you think you’ll need (or as tall as the council will allow). This will future-proof your shed, as down the track you may decide to upgrade to a larger van.

To add on a little more wall height than you think you need won’t be expensive. You can’t make a shed taller once it’s been built, so it’s worthwhile investing a few extra dollars to your shed at the beginning to ensure none of the roof fittings on your van get broken, and that you can still use the shed once you’ve upgraded your van down the track. You don’t want to be restricted in your selection when you’re in the market for a new caravan just because your shed is too small.

Caravan Depth

Again, it’s worthwhile building your caravan shed a little deeper than you think. Don’t just take the length measurement of your van and assume that’s how deep you need the shed. Think about things like the drawbar and if that’s included in the measurement, and allow extra room for walking around the van once the door is closed on your shed.

In addition, if your van has an awning, you may like to ensure your shed is wider than you need. This will allow you to set up your awning after returning from a trip to ensure it’s dry and clean before stowing it away, ready for your next adventure.

If you make your shed a little deeper and wider than you think you need, you’ll be future-proofing for a larger van if you decide to upgrade in the future. It’s not as expensive as you may think, and it will mean you’re not restricted to what size caravan you can buy next. It will also allow extra room for storage in your shed.

Caravan Shed Roller Doors

A roller door on your caravan shed will help you secure your shed and keep your van out of the weather. Again, you’ll need to know the caravan height for your roller door – and make sure you’ve taken into consideration any air conditioning units or roof aerials.

You should aim to have the door as wide as possible, so you can turn the trailer as you are reversing the caravan into the shed. You want to minimise the possibility of accidentally hitting anything as you get the van in and out of the shed. If it’s really tricky to get your caravan in and out, you’re less inclined to use the van as often.

The height of your roller door needs to be larger than the height of the door opening to allow the extra length to remain rolled at the top. Make sure you’re aware of the difference between the door size and the clearance, so that your van will actually fit through the door once the roller door is in place. Here at Spinifex Sheds we use BnD roller doors, and we can give you an idea of installation clearances depending on the height of your door.

Be aware of the angle of the driveway that leads into the shed. If the van will be entering the shed at an angle, you’ll need additional height in the roller door opening to ensure you can get the van in and out without incident.

Council Approval

As a general rule, small sheds less than 10m² and with a wall height of less than 2.4m don’t require council approval in Australia. However, your caravan shed will need to be much taller and larger than this.

In some cases, it can be challenging to secure council approval for your caravan shed. Particularly in residential areas, there are council regulations around maximum height for sheds. It’s worth checking with your local council, as the rules and regulations differ between councils within Australia. If you live on a large rural block, it may be easier to secure the necessary approvals.

If you haven’t yet purchased your caravan and are looking at shed options for storing a caravan down the track, pop top caravan styles can be a good option. The shed doesn’t need to be built as high to house a caravan of this style.


Caravan shed prices vary depending on size and specifications. Your shed will be built to suit your van and your situation – so there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of cost. Once you’ve taken into account the considerations around height, length and roller door size, you’ll be given a much clearer idea of how much the shed will cost to build. 

You may be feeling overwhelmed by all the things you hadn’t considered when it comes to building the best shed for your caravan. But don’t worry – we’re here to help. Our expert team has over a decade of experience in the shed industry, and we’ll make sure your caravan will be safe and secure in your new caravan shelter. We can even help you get council approval! 

To find out more about building the perfect shed for your caravan, get in touch with us today.



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