The perfect Shed Design for every purpose, hobby or need!

Our homes require a large amount of consistent upkeep in order to have them looking in top shape at all times. A significant chunk of our time is often dedicated towards our yards, with the particular addition of a shed allowing us to work more efficiently or for storing the right tools and equipment for our many jobs. The almighty shed takes on many forms in Australia, with each type of design being beneficial for a variety of different purposes, hobbies or needs. If you’ve decided that you’re in need of a shed, you’ll want to understand what types of sheds are available and whether they’ll be the right fit for you.

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This article from the shed experts at Spinifex Sheds aims to highlight five different types of shed designs, and how they can be that perfect hub for their respective needs. We will be looking at garden, shearing, equine, storage and auto sheds, before analysing how a custom shed might be the best bet for your needs.

Garden Shed

Being the most common and often the most frequently utilised shed in Australia, the humble garden shed is usually home to a wide variety of gardening tools and supplies. The benefit of these types of sheds is that they are generally quite compact, being able to fit into quite small backyards or gardens. Depending on the size of the garden shed, and the needs of the person, these sheds may also double as a small little workshop, to work on little repairs or take on small tasks within the shed. You may even find that you start picking up a few extra hobbies as a result!

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If you are a bit of a gardening fanatic, chances are you will have accumulated a fair amount of gardening equipment over time. The garden shed is the perfect spot for this equipment, enabling you to have all your tools and supplies in one convenient location so that you can continue to maintain your garden in a professional manner. This can help all sorts of homeowners to declutter their yard, and improve the overall appearance of their home.

Storage Shed

Another very common type of shed design, the storage shed is the ultimate solution to help declutter your home. If you’re beginning to notice things building up around your home, it’s probably time to think about investing in one of these sheds. Storage sheds can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, depending on the types of things you’re wanting to store. Typically, they can be open plan and provide the optimum amount of space to safely store your goods.

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These sorts of sheds may also benefit from the addition of mounted storage units, or shelving, helping to compartmentalise your goods in the shed, and ultimately making them easier to find when you need them. If you only have a small amount of equipment to store, you may benefit from buying a small preconfigured shed for your backyard.

Auto Shed/Garage

Auto sheds or garages are typically designed to hold cars, meaning they need to be of adequate size to accommodate your vehicles. Depending on the size of the shed, you may also have room to add in a workbench so that you can keep tinkering on your car within the confines of the shed. These sheds can be single-car bays or double garages, and may also feature windows, roller doors and other garage accessories.

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Many people who have these auto sheds also install a car hoist, allowing them to get underneath their cars to work on them with ease. If you are looking at adding in a car hoist, you’ll need to ensure that your shed is built at the appropriate height in order for you to be able to raise the car to a suitable level.

Looking to build the auto shop you’ve always wanted? Check out our article for more information on the right shed height for a car hoist.

Equine Shed

Equine sheds are designed to house horses, keeping them protected from the elements, allowing them to maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle. These types of sheds can have stable doors and panels, allowing easy access in and out of the space. The horses also benefit from the open ventilation that most equine sheds provide, with a “run-in” shed also allowing them to enter and exit the shelter as they please.

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An equine shed may also be in the form of stables, allowing horses to stay clean and be far more convenient for their respective owners. These sheds require separate stalls for each horse to rest in, meaning that they do need more frequent cleaning to keep the sheds in good condition.

Custom Shed

Although these five different shed types might be ideal for their respective purposes with a standard type design being sufficient, there is often the need for custom sheds to be designed in order to fully meet the needs of the customer. Spinifex Sheds can help you move beyond the traditional shed designs and offer a high quality custom design to suit your needs.


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No matter the purpose behind the shed, we can help you design and install the shed for your specific requirements. We’ll guide you through the whole process and produce 3D designs for you to approve of before we get to work on constructing the shed. All of our custom sheds are built with high quality and durable materials, helping to prolong the life of your shed for many years.

Spinifex Sheds

Sheds are used for a multitude of different reasons, and Spinifex Sheds is here to help West Australians with all of their shed requirements. We take great pride in our 100% Australian built sheds, undertaking work for a huge number of vastly different clients. If you’re looking for commercial, industrial, storage, equine, garage or custom built sheds, Spinifex is the name to remember.

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