Sliding Doors vs Roller Doors | Which Type of Shed Door Should You Get?

Finding the right door for your shed is a crucial task. Whether it’s a large workshop shed, a garage shed, or your regular garden shed, your door choice will affect its functionality and ease of use.

Today we will compare two popular types of shed doors, sliding doors and roller doors. Each comes with its own advantages and choosing the right one for your shed can be as important as choosing the shed itself. So stay tuned and find out which type of shed door best suits your needs.


How do sliding doors work?

Sliding shed doors move horizontally using a track system mounted above or below the door. Rollers attached to the door glide along this track, ensuring a smooth slide. In addition, bottom guides keep the door stable and prevent swaying, while stoppers at the track’s ends ensure the door doesn’t slide off.


Advantages of sliding doors

Horizontal sliding doors for a shed


1. Space efficiency

One of the most significant advantages of sliding shed doors is their space-saving design. Because they glide parallel to the wall, they don’t need any additional space to swing inwards or outwards like traditional doors. This feature becomes especially important in tight spaces or in areas where any obstruction, even temporary during the opening of the door, is undesirable.


2. Simple design

The mechanism that governs sliding doors is based on simple physics. With fewer moving parts than some other types of doors, there are fewer components that can wear out or malfunction. This simplicity often translates to longer life and less frequent maintenance.


How do roller doors work?

Rolling shed doors consist of horizontal slats hinged together that allow them to roll around a top-placed drum as the door is raised. Vertical guide tracks on each side ensure the door remains aligned during movement. In addition, a torsion spring system around the drum counterbalances the door’s weight, aiding in lifting and stability.


Advantages of roller doors

Roller doors for a workshop shed in Perth


1. Cost efficiency

Roller doors often come with a more competitive price tag than some other door types. Their manufacturing process and materials make them a more budget-friendly option, ensuring you don’t have to compromise on quality while watching your spending. In addition, their modular nature and fewer components mean they take less time to install. This results in fewer labour hours and lesser costs involved in getting the roller doors up and running.


2. Motorization capability

Modern convenience is at its best when manual operations can be automated. Roller doors can be effortlessly integrated with motorised systems. With this addition, opening or closing your shed becomes an effortless task, especially beneficial for larger sheds or for those who prioritise convenience.


3. Full-width access

Roller doors offer the convenience of full-width access. When you roll them up, the entire width of the doorway becomes accessible. This is opposed to sliding doors that take up at least half of the shed’s width when open. If you are planning on moving large equipment in and out of your shed (without the need to angle them awkwardly or dismantle parts) you should consider installing roller doors.


4. Enhanced fire protection

Safety is a paramount concern, especially in regions prone to bushfires. Roller doors can be fire-rated, a specification that ensures they offer an added layer of protection against fires. Sliding doors, on the other hand, have gaps that make them susceptible to ember attacks, a challenge roller doors skillfully address.


5. Superior weather protection

Roller doors are designed to offer a near-perfect seal. This ensures that external elements – whether it’s wind-borne debris, dust, or rain – find it hard to breach the interiors of your shed. Unlike sliding doors which might leave minute gaps, roller doors promise a more hermetic closure, vital for those storing sensitive items in their sheds.


6. Robust security

Security can’t be overstated, and roller doors stand out in this aspect. Their design makes them inherently more resistant to forced entries. The addition of wind locking features, which are in place due to national construction code requirements, further strengthens the door’s security.


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