Do sheds need gutters? Understanding the benefits

If you’re planning a new shed build, there’s something you have to consider… gutters. 

Most of us tend to forget about this seemingly irrelevant feature, but this mistake can come with dire consequences. Read on to find out why sheds need gutters and what benefits come from installing them.

What benefits do shed gutters bring?

Gutters are all about water management. They allow you to direct water to the most useful and least damaging places. 

This is especially useful for places like Western Australia where you often get high volumes of rain falling in short intervals. The high intensity means sheds need reliable guttering to avoid any damage to either the belongings inside or the surrounding area. 

Gutters protect your belongings

The damage to your belongings does not come from the water itself. What usually happens is that water runs down the shed wall and pools around the base or even under the shed. Then when temperatures increase, the water evaporates and you get condensation inside your shed.

Moisture can be very damaging to tools or materials inside your shed and can lead to mould and mildew problems. A damp shed is not a healthy working environment and can be very expensive to fix – see our blog on how to fix a damp shed.

Fortunately, you can get ahead of these troubles by building your shed with a proper gutter system. Shed gutters redirect water from the roof to a designated area, therefore stopping it from pooling around your shed and causing condensation.

Gutters prolong your shed’s life

Gutters prolong your shed’s | Spinifex Sheds

There are two main threats to your shed when it comes to water damage – the first is soil erosion and the second is damage to exposed parts.

Without a gutter system that directs water away from the shed’s base, there’s the risk of damage to the shed foundation. Even with a concrete slab for a base, runoff water can dig tunnels underneath the slab and cause your shed to start sinking on one side.

Shed gutters also protect the most exposed parts of a shed structure, which are the joinings and corners. These parts are more susceptible to rust because of the drill holes made to join the sidewalls and the shed roof. If you’ve ever paid close attention to an old shed, you’d notice that the first signs of rust appear around the screws. This is because the protective galvanised layer has been eroded by the screw during installation.

With proper guttering, you can direct the water away from these exposed parts and prolong your shed’s life.

Gutters can be used to recycle water

In a place with little water, such as Western Australia, recycling water is crucial. If you have a large shed, you should consider getting rainwater tanks.

To fill the rainwater tanks you need direct water flow from the shed’s roof into the tanks, and what better way to do this than with shed guttering? This is the only effective way to ensure that all the rainwater that falls on the shed roof is collected into the tanks.

Recycled rainwater can then be used for all non-drinking uses, such as washing clothes, watering plants, filling pools, and even toilet flushing. Rest assured, it will save you a considerable amount of money on your water bill.

Types of shed gutters

There are two main types of shed gutters:

  • Plastic gutters (also known as vinyl gutters or PVC guttering): these are light, cheap, and easy to install, but have a short lifespan and are especially vulnerable to direct sunlight. Not ideal for a sunny place like Western Australia.
  • Metal gutters: these are more durable than plastic gutters, but also come at a higher cost. The most common type are aluminium gutters, but you can also get steel, zinc, and cast iron ones depending on your budget.

Get yourself a shed with gutters

Shed With Gutters | Spinifex Sheds

If you are planning a new shed build, it would be wise to consider shed guttering. At Spinifex Sheds we specialise in custom made sheds and can even arrange the installation of shed gutters and rainwater tanks.

We take care of everything, from getting building approval to pouring the concrete slab and installing the shed. When you go with Spinifex Sheds, you choose peace of mind and a job well done.

Explore our range of custom sheds in Perth and contact us for a free quote or for more information regarding our products and services. 



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