How to Compare Shed Quotes

Are you really getting a good deal?

Building a shed is a big investment. Whether it’s a farm shed, or a garden shed, you’re going to want to make sure you get this right from the start. Getting a couple of quotes from local shed builders is a great start. But how can you be sure you’re getting a good deal? One of the easiest ways is to compare the prices and quality of the services offered. This way you get a (free) snapshot of what’s included in the sale price. Here are some things to look out for.

Start with the basics – is the quote easy to understand?

Shed quotes that are straightforward and easy to understand should jump to your shortlist. Convoluted and messy quotes leave room for error, and can also be misleading. Having a clear and professional quote is always good, especially if you need to refer back to it in the future.

Compare what is actually included in your quote:

Shed design

It’s the most important document for anything above a garden shed. It should contain basic information like the size, dimensions, floor plan, measurements, and 3D rendering.


Take a close look at the types of materials included in the Shed kit. Look for cladding and roofing materials. Alarm bells start ringing if they’re either not included in the quote, or if they’re listed as the wrong sizes compared to the design notes.  

Concrete slab

If you’re building on a slab, it’s important to check that this is included in the price.

Delivery of all materials

Delivery costs can stack up quickly, from heavy steel to concrete, and other construction tools – make sure this is covered in the quote.

Construction and Installation

Check that the construction and installation of the shed, including the laying of the slab and itself is included in the final price. Yes, it’s possible to have a shed kit delivered and no one there to build it. 

Project management

You’ll want to make sure that project management is included. There’s no use paying for a project that isn’t being effectively coordinated. It can become stressful & time-consuming if you need to organise all the trades & suppliers yourself.

Clear pricing

On all deliverables – don’t sign if there are unclear or convoluted pricing plans. A simple straightforward payment schedule that includes the GST is vital. 

Comprehensive insurance

If they don’t offer full insurance that covers the whole project – this could be potentially disastrous should anything go wrong. Don’t leave anything up to chance – double check before you sign.

Quality of construction

Look out for installation techniques – and check they’re not just compliant under the Building Code of Australia, but also of high quality.

Do you need any extra services?

Having ticked off the basics, now it’s time to look at some extra things that you might like to have included in your quote. While most shed-building companies will offer the basics like planning, delivery, and construction, every project is different – and you might want to consider the following services:

Site cleanup

While most contractors do their best to keep your property clean during the build, this doesn’t mean things won’t get messy. Scrap metal, leftover sand, and loose screws – these can not only become an eye-sore, but they’re also dangerous to leave lying around. Unless you’re happy to save a bit by doing a self-cleanup, you might want to choose a company that includes this service. 

Building permits application

If your project needs council approval – this can become a paperwork minefield. If you’ve got a quote that includes a building permit application this can save you from wading through bureaucracy in your spare time. The Australian Building Code is strict when it comes to new structures – you don’t want this to get in the way of your new shed

Free site visits on request

Sometimes you’ll need the project manager on-site to facilitate deliveries, or maybe you want to show them something on-site. A company that offers free on-request visits will make communication easier than having to pay extra for site visits.

Prioritise quality, Australian-made materials

Look at the types of materials quoted and see if they’re locally sourced. For example, 100% Bluescope Colorbond Australian Steel will always be of higher quality over imported steel and other second-rate cladding materials. Compare shed quotes by examining where the materials come from and what warranties they’re backed up by.

Look out for fire and wind ratings

When you’re reviewing shed quotes, check through the design and make sure your builder is both aware and including fire and wind assessments as part of their design and building process. Without these crucial assessments, you may run foul of council regulations and pose a risk to you and your neighbours. Choose a shed company that will readily include this in the initial quote.

Check reviews

Look at Google reviews. They’re often honest and will give you a fair idea of what to expect. Another source of information is local community discussion pages online and recommendations on social media. But sometimes you’ve just got to go with your gut, it’s worth looking through past projects on websites to get a feel for their work.

Choose a builder who will work with and for you

If you’re thinking of installing a new shed, you’ve come to the right place. At Spinifex Sheds Perth, we are rewriting the rules when it comes to supplying and installing quality, durable sheds that meet all of your needs. Reach out for an obligation-free quote today and we’ll get started on your new project together.