How Much Value Does a Shed Add to a House?

In the current property market, houses are being snapped up like hotcakes. And given that outdoor living is highly valued in Australia, investing in your outdoor space before advertising your property on the market could make a big difference to the final figure.

If you’re thinking about selling your property there’s no easier way than investing in a shed.

But will a shed add any value to the final sale, and if so, by how much? Let’s take a look.

Planning on Selling? Read This First

If you’re planning on selling, it may seem like a poor investment to spend money on improvements; however, this can increase the value of your property and make it easier to sell. With the increased popularity of backyard workshops, man caves, and storage spaces, a shed is an excellent investment for adding value to your property. Perth sheds not only benefit you during the time you live at the property but also in the future if you decide to sell.

Is a Shed a Good Investment?

Real estate agents tend to agree that adding the right shed can increase the value of your property. Properties that have the added bonus of a separate workshop space, garage, or shed have a much better advantage over properties that don’t have this. This allows a higher sales price, more rent and greatly increases your chances of a faster sale or rental.

How Much Value Does a Shed Add to a House

How Much Does a Shed Increase Home Value?

Adding a large shed or an enclosed garage to a suburban home or rural property is estimated to add approximately $20,000 to the property’s value according to experts, or an extra $20 per week in rent. Many buyers value storage space and are looking for a safe, weatherproof, and secure space to keep their valuables that is both convenient and complementary to the overall aesthetics of the home. Storage space is not the only option for adding value to your home.

Carports and Garages Make Your Home More Attractive on the Market

Investing in a carport or garage can also add considerable value as most families these days have more than one car. Buyers like the idea of an enclosed garage for increased storage capabilities. Many people may also be looking for storage space for their caravan, boat, or trailer. Homes that have extra weatherproof areas will stand out above the rest.

How Much Does a Garage Increase Home Value?

A contained garage in the right circumstances can represent a huge added value to a home. Valuers will look at many things when coming to a figure – and a well-designed home garage will be on their list. Experts say that a garage can add between $20,000 and $30,000 to your valuation price – and while that most likely is only a fraction of your total price – an extra 20 or 30 large would normally represent a good return on investment.

Does Adding a Carport Increase Home Value?

Just like sheds, carports will increase the value of your home – with the added bonus of keeping your car safe from the elements. If you’re planning on selling – a carport will give the potential buyer peace of mind knowing their pride and joy is out of harm’s way. Just take a look at any car with hail damage and you can see the value in a carport.

Benefits of Installing a Garage in Your Home

Garages, like sheds, increase the utility of your home. Better still, they also provide your car with the security and protection it deserves. But garages are also excellent places to store all those bits and pieces that belong with your car – we’re taking roof racks, spare tyres, booster seats, bikes, and bike racks you name it. It’s also the perfect place to store tools for use inside the house and other items that you’d prefer to keep

Why Is a Shed a Good Investment?

Even if you’re not planning on selling your property anytime soon, Perth sheds are still a valuable investment for many homeowners. A new shed can bring many benefits to you and your family. Some of these include:

  • Extra storage spaceStorage sheds and garages can be the perfect solution to a lack of storage space. Even a small shed can provide some extra space for items that take up room in your home, while still being convenient when needed.
  • Additional living area – Sheds are very versatile and can serve a number of purposes. Sheds can be a solution to many space problems and make excellent games rooms, man caves, or even teenage retreats.
  • Added security – A garage provides that extra peace of mind to keep your vehicles safe and secure. A lockable garage is a great way to reduce the risk of theft.
  • Weather protection – Perth sheds and garages provide protection from the elements. A garage can provide cars, boats, and other valuables protected from the harsh weather.

Invest in Your Home Today

Investing in your home before selling can increase your asking price and loop in more interested buyers. Knowing where to start with your shed project is essential. Here at Spinifex Sheds, we’re ready to support you with your next project – whether that’s a carport for the driveway or a shed for the backyard. Get a quote today – either call or reach out online – our expert team is ready to help.



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